More women for the Private Equity Industry: Level 20 Germany kicks-off high calibre mentoring program


On 25 September, Level 20 Germany started a mentoring program with a kick-off event in Frankfurt. The program, which is already successfully established in the UK, experienced private equity managers will mentor more junior women, sharing their experience in building a successful career in private equity.

Female investment professionals are still underrepresented in private equity leadership positions. The initiative is set up to support women who want to achieve their full potential and develop into leadership positions in private equity funds.

Level 20 Germany was has brought together 16 mentoring-couples. The mentors, who come from private equity firms, are both male and female. Mentees extend from junior positions with at least 2 years of work-experience to more senior investment professionals looking to become partners or entering investment committees. The mentor is an experienced sparring partner from outside the mentee’s own organization.

Over a period of 9 months, the mentors will take time to share their experience and provide guidance on how their mentee can take individual hurdles.

The Level 20 German Chapter is looking foward to driving forward this new initiative for change.