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This Toolkit is being provided to you as a sponsor firm on an information-only and non-reliance basis to assist you with any diversity and inclusion policies that you may wish to consider implementing at your firm. By continuing to use this Toolkit you agree that:

  • This Toolkit has not been not planned or prepared in contemplation of, or for the purpose or use of, any particular person and therefore may not be suitable for your purposes or objectives;
  • No representation, undertaking or warranty is made, either expressly or by implication, as to the accuracy or completeness of this Toolkit or of the views given, or assumptions made or implied within it;
  • This Toolkit is not intended to cover all matters (material or otherwise) that are or may be relevant to the subject matters contained within it;
  • Level 20 reserves the right to amend, update or replace this Toolkit at any time without notice and undertakes no obligation to update this Toolkit nor to correct any inaccuracies in it;
  • This Toolkit should not be considered legal or other advice and no person may rely on it or its contents for any purpose; and
  • no responsibility, duty of care or liability of any nature, whether in contract or tort or howsoever otherwise arising (whether directly or indirectly), is accepted by Level 20 or its partners, affiliates, directors, employees, advisers, agents and representatives to any other person, from any use of this Toolkit or its contents.