Hanneke Smits

CEO, Newton Investment Management

Inspired by an internship at private equity firm Orange Nassau Asia in 1988, Hanneke started her career in the private equity industry in 1992 with Pantheon for which firm she completed a research project during her MBA at London Business School. She was at Adams Street Partners from 1997-2014 having joined to establish its presence in Europe and Asia. She was appointed to its Executive Committee in 2001 and served as its Chief Investment Officer and Chair of its Primary, Secondary and Portfolio Construction Committees from 2008 through 2014. She was a member of the EVCA’s Board as Chair of its Investor Relations Committee and member of the BVCA’s equivalent.

She left Adams Street at the end of 2014 to pursue a number of different interests including being a Founder of Level 20, a Director of Sofina SA, a Euronext listed investment company and Trustee of Impetus-PEF.  In August 2016 she returned to a full time role as CEO of Newton Investment Management.

Originally from the Netherlands she has lived in Hong Kong, Taiwan and the US but mostly the UK;  she loves travelling, learning about new cultures and brushing up on her language skills.  She has enjoyed skiing and hiking in Austria since the age of 4, a passion shared by her family.