Wol Kolade

Managing Partner, Livingbridge


Wol leads the Livingbridge team and has a varied workload – from meeting management teams of prospective new investments or visiting existing portfolio companies to explaining “why Livingbridge?” to potential new investors. A few years ago, he was appointed to chair the Private Equity Industry Association. It was a difficult time for the industry but he learnt a whole lot of new skills and met some very interesting people. Private equity doesn’t operate in a vacuum and increasingly he finds himself explaining to government, the media and other stakeholders that the work the industry does with entrepreneurial companies is hugely beneficial to the wider economy.

Wol is a Kings College London engineering graduate and has an MBA from Exeter Business School. He started his career with Barclays in 1990 and after a short period in various head office roles, joined a predecessor firm of Livingbridge in 1993. He remembers learning about ‘venture capital’ in an economics class at secondary school and from then on it was very clear to him what he wanted to do.

He has a deep interest in healthcare and education, and sits on the board’s of a number of schools and universities. He is chairman of the Guys and St Thomas’ Charity, a 500-year-old charitable foundation with total assets of £800 million.  Wol also sits on the board of NHS Improvement as a Non-executive Director, working to help the NHS to meet its short-term challenges and secure its future.

Wol has a big family and loves company, so spends most weekends either entertaining or being entertained, and is also a bit of a movie buff.