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Our vision

Level 20 is a not for profit organisation founded in 2015 by 12 women working in senior roles in private equity, aligned around a common vision of improving gender diversity in the industry.

We aim to inspire women to join and succeed in this dynamic industry by creating opportunities for them to interact and learn from the insights and experience of others. Our vision is underpinned by a focus on four key initiatives: mentoring and development; networking and events; outreach and advocacy; and research.

We are supported financially by 49 private equity firms, and by over 2,500 individual members who together help create a strong voice for improving gender diversity across the industry.

Our goal is for women to hold 20% of senior positions in the European private equity industry.

Level 20 Guidelines

Level 20 encourages private equity firms to:

  • Recruit suitably qualified women at all levels and in all roles across their firms.
  • Demonstrate a commitment from the top of the organisation to the objective of having more women in senior roles across all positions in the firm.
  • Promote a culture that encourages and supports the success of women.
  • Establish goals and/or initiatives to increase retention of women across all roles.
  • Implement policies that ensure the professional development and success of all employees and employ metrics to measure success.
  • Establish processes that support the development of all employees with regard to promotion, compensation and career development.

Our pillars

Mentoring and Development

The mentoring programme is designed to support the career success of women in private equity

Networking and Events

The overall aim is to serve our members through organising events on a regular basis that will appeal to a broad range of interests

Outreach and Advocacy

We organise outreach activities to inspire ambition and interest in private equity careers


We conduct research on various topics relevant to gender diversity in private equity

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